Research & Development

In our product development center, we use cutting-edge technology and the latest findings in nutrition physiology to develop real innovations. Alongside new raw materials and modern packaging materials and formats, we also develop innovative production methods.


Product Development

To satisfy market requirements and customer needs, as well as changing values and current trends, our products are developed for specific target groups by a highly qualified team of food chemists, technologists, nutritionists and veterinarians. Successful product development requires product-specific knowledge, creativity, great imagination and plenty of test series.

During the development of our products, we naturally observe the guidelines and recommendations of international associations such as

  • the FEDIAF (Fédération Européenne des Industries des Aliments pour Animaux Familiers)
  • the NRC (National Research Council)
  • the AAFCO (Association of American Food Control Officials).


Alongside the development of new products, our colleagues in the maintenance department work together with quality assurance, purchasing and production to ensure that our products are produced with the same consistent level of quality. They work to constantly optimize our recipes, prepare the specifications for our end products and compile and check the ingredients declarations.

Market Research

It is important for the success of our products that our target group – the pets themselves – is convinced by our products. We work together with market research institutes for this purpose. Feeding tests are used to determine preferences in selected households. This is the most important tool for a product developer. What the food industry achieves with the aid of sensory methods, the pet food industry achieves by using acceptance tests. Statistical evaluations of the test results help us to collect representative and significant test results in our database. This allows us to build up expertise and identify potential for improvement.