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At saturn petcare, we consider pets to be fully-fledged members of the family. People place high demands on the quality of well-balanced nutrition for their pets, which is why we carefully select our raw materials to specifically meet these requirements. A mixture of different, easily digestible sources of protein ensures that dogs and cats receive a good balance of protein and amino acids. We comply with the nutritional guidelines of the European FEDIAF and the nutrient profiles of the American AAFCO to ensure that the nutritional needs of pets are met in the best possible way.

Our pet food experts are members of numerous specialist bodies on a national and international level, which means we are also able to put the very latest scientific findings into practice in our portfolio.


Customized Development

Alongside our standard product range, we would also be pleased to develop customized products according to your specifications – don't hesitate to get in touch with us!


saturn petcare
for dogs

High-quality wet dog food for the needs of dogs.

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saturn petcare
for cats

High-quality wet cat food for the needs of cats.