Sustainability at saturn petcare

Long-term planning is a tradition at saturn petcare. Our aim is to preserve resources and retain our employees as we move into the future. Sustainability is part of our identity as a company that has produced top-quality products for more than 30 years. As part of heristo ag, we are naturally committed to observing the philosophy of our parent company.

We understand sustainability to be a continuous process of improvement.

We want to actively push forward our efforts for greater sustainability together with our employees, business partners and other stakeholders.

Our aim is to systematize and further develop our efforts for sustainability on a continuous basis.



  • Our suppliers are an important element of our sustainability strategy. We focus on long-term partnerships and already take into account compliance with sustainability aspects as well as compliance with international guidelines and standards for labor rights and the environment in our supplier selection process and our risk assessments.
  • Minimizing wasted resources due to production losses and overproduction is important to us. In agreement with our customers, we operate our own factory outlet store and support animal shelters to avoid wasting any high-quality products.


  • How we behave towards one another in our owner-operated family company is governed by the values of heristo ag: “fair-reliable-innovative”. These values apply to all of our employees equally. We plan ahead and are already training employees for our future.
  • Our employees make their own contribution and are encouraged to make suggestions and offer ideas for improvements and to help us implement them.


  • Our packaging engineers are constantly working on reducing the amount of packaging materials needed while maintaining product quality.

  • Our Vigo (USA) site has partnered with “101 Inc.” (

    • Cardboard will be 100% recycled through 101 inc. 
    • DAF Sludge –anerobic digestor –energy from waste
    • Rendering Sludge –anerobic digester for energy from waste and/or compost
    • Plant Waste –incinerate -energy from waste
  • Our Vigo (USA) site has also Partnered with Covanta ( 

    • All other plant waste materials will be sent to Covanta in Indianapolis, Indiana. This will be sent to the incinerator and be converted to energy which is then sold to the citizens of Indianapolis, IN.