Fair. Reliable. Innovative.

This describes how we deal with our customers and business partners and how we act when we provide services and develop new products at the companies in the heristo Group and in our relationships with one another.

Training and further education hold a position of great importance in our company and we believe that it is essential to have the right qualifications if you expect quality.

We give our employees the entrepreneurial freedom to assume responsibility in every area for the success of our group of companies. This is guaranteed by quick decision-making processes and a cooperative management style, as well as the high standards we place on ourselves and our actions. And is also supported by a culture of cooperation and a belief that we are all in it together.

Our understanding of quality covers all important environmental requirements: We preserve resources and all of our production sites are designed in accordance with the latest standard for environmental management. Product quality and safety are fundamental components of our corporate policy and crucial elements for expanding and securing our position as a market leader. Another important component of our work is our trusting and innovative relationship with the retail trade.

We want to also secure the competitiveness of our company in the future by having superior technologies, innovative products, highly qualified employees, social and ecological engagement and consistent market alignment.

We believe that compliance with relevant laws and regulations is our clear duty and responsibility and that this is true both from a social and ethical perspective.